Ancient Symbol For Genius Creativity Revealed: Tap Into The Secret DaVinci, Tesla, & Mozart Used (For FREE!)

“All That Is...Ever
Was...Or Ever Will
Be...In The Palm Of
Your Hand.”

We Really Hope YOU Will Be Able To Reserve One Of These Stunning Sacred Geometry Pendants With FREE Shipping Today - Before They’re All Taken! Here’s Why...


FROM: Ric & Liz

RE: Limited Time To Reserve Your Sacred Geometry Pendant And Supercharge Your Creativity & Manifestation Powers


Dear Spiritual Seeker,

We are writing this quickly as we want to make sure you have a chance to get
one of these lovely Sacred Geometry pendants boxed up and sent to your
doorstep FREE of all transportation costs today...

...along with two free GIFTS (which we will tell you about in a moment).

But first, we want to make sure you understand why this particular symbol is
important to YOU specifically during this lifetime…

And how not having a physical connection to it is making you feel
disconnected from your creative powers, doubtful, and at the mercy of your
environment, the people around you, and your “circumstances” in life.

Just FYI? This is NOT a natural state of being for you. It’s not “normal” - no
matter what other people may tell you!

Because YOU, especially, are meant to be coming into your full power right
about now, and be feeling completely inspired, sure in your path and excited
about the direction your life is going…

So what’s the deal?

If you have so much internal power, and important revelations and creations to
bring into being during this lifetime, why aren’t you “feeling it”?

Here’s the thing.

Time is clicking away on this opportunity for you to claim your pendant and
fix this situation, so we are just going to give you the quick “nutshell” version
of what this Sacred Geometry Symbol is and why it’s so important for you to
be connected to it at all times…

As well as what it will do for you when you wear it (and why we want to send
you one as soon as possible)…

Have You Ever Been Called “Creative”...
“Imaginative” Or Had The Feeling You Are
Supposed To Do, Or Create, Something
Special During Your Lifetime..?

Listen. I know you tend to be modest by nature. But...

This doesn’t happen for everyone. If it’s happened to you, there’s a REASON.

It’s because you really were born with a special calling (which you may or may not understand yet)...

You were born with a ability to show people something through
art, writing, music, or maybe even science...which has never been seen
before...yet will one day become extremely important.

You are unique.

But you’re not alone.

 All The Great Contributors To The Arts
And Sciences Had This Same Feeling, And
Were Driven To Pursue "The Mystery"...
In art, DaVinci is known for the
Mona Lisa and Vitruvian Man - but less
well known is that he was also
revered for his
technological ingenuity.

He conceptualised and drew plans
for flying machines, a type of
armoured fighting vehicle,
concentrated solar power, and even
an adding machine.
Another thing that most people don’t know about DaVinci is that a
mathematically precise design that is the basis for everything that exists in
nature, called the Golden Ratio, was central to his painting and designs.  

This is why your pendant has a golden frame that encloses the sacred symbol
of the Golden Ratio, as part of the whole design which is most accurately
called the “Sri Yantra.”

But the mystery continues.

In music, the Golden Ratio secretly influenced the works of Beethoven and

And in the world of science, Nikola Tesla is said to have seen the Sri Yantra in blinding flashes as he brainstormed new inventions. 

In modern times, even the tech giant Apple uses the Golden Ratio when
designing their products (but you can be sure they didn’t make this common knowledge when looking for funding! ;-)
This Is THE Secret Symbol...
...That the most innovative and creative “genius” minds of our century - and
other centuries reaching back to it’s discovery 12,000 years ago - have used to create the visions and inventions that have changed the course of history.

This is, to put it simply, the blueprint for the creation of matter, sound, and consciousness...

This ancient mystical diagram is said to represent the supreme creator that transcends the Cosmos itself.

Used as a tool for meditation, this mathematical symbol connects the user to
the cosmic consciousness that creates all that is, ever was, or ever will be.

It’s called the Sri Yantra - and now it can be yours to hold in your hand,
meditate on, and draw on it’s powers for your own innovations and
creations...for free!

Here’s how you can own a beautiful representation of this symbol today…

Reserve Your Sacred Geometry Pendant So
You Can Tap Into The Mathematical
Creative Genius Of The Universe

(*FREE Shipping When You Order Today!)

Revered as a sacred, mathematically correct formula representing the ultimate perfection in Universal Design for 12,000 years, this ancient symbol is now immortalized for your personal use in this beautiful pendant...

Reserve Your Sacred Geometry Pendant So
You Can Tap Into The Mathematical
Creative Genius Of The Universe

(*FREE When You Order Today!)

Represents the Sri Yantra & the Golden Ratio in one mathematically correct,    all-encompassing design

Beautifully crafted pendant includes matching chain

Made to guide and assist you in your creative endeavors for years to come

The perfect combination of Art, Music, Math, and Science, to bring abundance and prosperity!

“So… Okay,” you may be wondering… “Sounds beautiful, but if these pendants are so special, why are these being offered at this extremely low price?”
Here’s Why We’re Giving You This Opportunity Today. 
The World Needs It’s Geniuses...Especially Now. 
Here’s the story.

Just like you, we read the news and think, “OMG, what is happening in the
world these days…”

Just like you, we wonder, “What kind of place are we leaving for our

And just like you, we think, “We’re all from Planet Earth, and share the same
home, hopes, and dreams in the end. Why can’t we solve these challenges
facing us...given that there are people all around us who have the ability?”...

I know.

Sometimes, it seems Humans have forgotten what we are truly capable of, and
are content to spend our lives working 9-5, zoning out to Netflix, and falling
into bed, none the better for having lived or making a contribution in our 

But we know that isn’t you. We believe that YOU, aside from the rest, have
the ability and dedication to bring a new vision to light…

To rise above the common path and make the world a better place…

If you have the courage and knowledge you need to follow your dreams and visions...and the footsteps of those who have come before you.

And yes, it can feel overwhelming to try to make a difference these days, but…

The truth is, all change starts with each of us, every day, in the choices we
make…and, as I’m sure you’ve realized at some point yourself…
EVERYONE Has The Ability To Change 
The World...But Not Everyone Has The
Opportunity. This Is Yours!
Imagine if you could remember that “amazing creation” or “wonderful vision”
you had as a child...

Could remember back to a time when things were simpler, and you believed
you were meant to accomplish something special…

Imagine if even a few hundred people, or even thousands, began honoring and representing this Vision and Belief in themselves, again in their hearts...

This powerful vision is one we truly believe in, and hope to come to be some day…

And it’s exactly what we work on, every day, in every way we can.

This is why...
We Have Arranged For A Certain Number
Of These Sacred Geometry Pendants To Be
Sent Out Into The World For An Extremely
Low Price, Only To Those Who Ask Now
We want to send you one of these beautiful pendants for just $15.99 (with
FREE shipping)...

If you can order yours today, so we know to reserve one for sure!

But please don’t wait till tomorrow to decide. We don't know how long this one stockpile of these special necklaces will last. Also, we've created an entire experience for you to activate and use your pendant for its highest good...

Here's what you'll get inside your Sacred Geometry package when it arrives:

Your Sacred Geometry pendant, representing the
Sri Yantra & the Golden Ratio in one running, mathematically correct art piece. This beautifully crafted pendant includes a matching chain so you can carry it with you, wear it with your favorite
outfit, or even use it as a pendulum!

Your pendant comes with a black and white mandala, designed to be colored in as a ritual to help you focus your mind on the properties and meaning of the Sri Yantra and the Golden Ratio, and imbue your pendant with your energetic intention. Of course, you need a ritual to help you do this, so…

We will also include a special Sacred Geometry Meditation for you to activate your Pendant!
It’s called the “Ultimate Abundance Boost” and we highly recommend you listen to it while wearing your pendant, and coloring in the mandala included in your package.

This will create the ultimate Sacred Geometry experience for you and fully activate your pendant.

PLUS: We Know You Will Need Some
Powerful Energetic Support As You Enter
This New Phase In Your Life

So here’s what we’re going to do…

We’re going to just give you a free trial to the Cosmic Energy Bank today. This
is a secret vault online, where “banks” of special images are filled up and
energized by Reiki Masters for you to tap into, any time of day or night… you can “charge up” your spiritual energy and raise your vibration, anytime you need that extra creative boost, long-distance!

The best part is, there is special Energy Bank in this “secret vault,” that will help you with your creative powers: 

The Abundance Manifestation and Prosperity Manifestation sessions
especially, will get ALL your energy moving towards creating the realities you
want to experience in this lifetime. 

Here’s how it works…

You get your first 7-day access to the Energy Banks entirely free with your order today.

You can cancel easily, at any time you like.

The pendant, meditation, and the two FREE GIFTS below are yours to keep, no matter what. 

In fact, you could cancel your membership anytime you wish and still keep
them all, forever!

When you click the order button below today, we can guarantee you the $0
FREE TRIAL now (normally $19.97/month). Please do put your order in
quickly however, because our market-test period will come to an end as soon
as we have enough clicks on that little yellow button you see below…

OH and we almost forgot!!!..

In addition to your beautiful pendant and free trial to the Energy Banks, we
will also include two FREE GIFTS if you can reserve your package today: 

Hypnotherapy is a quick, easy and powerful tool to assist you as you move forward in your journey to abundance, however it is that you define abundance in your life.

To help you get there will require a shift in mindset.

As they say "Alter your thoughts and you alter your fate!"

This hypnotherapy session will help you:
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  • ​Assist you in keeping these positive ideas alive so they'll become your day to day truth.
Simply listen to this mp3 audio often to tap into your new found prosperity!
Hypnotherapy is a quick, easy and powerful tool to assist you as you move forward in your journey to abundance, however it is that you define abundance in your life.

To help you get there will require a shift in mindset.

As they say "Alter your thoughts and you alter your fate!"

This hypnotherapy session will help you:
  • What Effortless Abundance really means.
  • ​Discover what is blocking it and unleash the "flow" in your life.
  • ​How to make the internal shift that regains wasted energy & effort.
  • ​The "Flaw" in the Abundance Mindset, and why it has almost nothing to do your "mind" after all.
  • ​How to become truly aware and integrate consciousness into your daily life.
You'll find yourself going back to this easy to read PDF over and over again!

(But all this is included only here and now)... so please sure to click the button below now to get everything in the package for just $15.99:

Includes 7 Day FREE Trial Energy Bank Membership to continue at $19.97/month only if you decide to stay (easily cancel anytime).

We want everyone who needs to focus on their Creativity and Innovative
Abilities through Sacred Geometry to be able to easily and affordably have
access to this extremely powerful and satisfying symbol of creation and perfection... 

“All That Is, Ever Was, Or Ever Will Be”

So, that’s why we found a way to bring this package to you today at this
amazing price, with ZERO shipping. It’s pretty much the easiest decision you’ll probably make today! ;-)

Includes 7 Day FREE Energy Bank Membership to continue at $19.97/month only if you decide to stay (easily cancel anytime).

Liz & Ric Thompson
CosmicVibes &

Thank you!!! We can’t wait to hear how this impacts your life and gives you an immediate way to focus and perfect your creative urges (even aside from the compliments you’ll get when you wear it)!

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